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Content Studio now officially supports the creation of Slideshows! Additionally, we now support even more content types -including Video!- and have a fresh new user experience that makes it easier than ever for Engage client's to create, edit and publish slideshows. 

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Dashboard > Any Live Stream > RTE > Create: Slideshow
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Creating a Slideshow

The new Slideshow feature is available to all Engage client's using Content Studio from the Create > Slideshow drop down in the RTE. Slideshows are a core feature and on by default.


Adding Content

Once Create > Slideshow has been selected the slideshow creation interface will appear.  To add content either:

  • Click the Upload button and upload images or videos from your computer (bulk upload supported)
  • Drag supported content from the Discover Hub or Mod Hub:  .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .m4v, .asf, .flv, .mov, .mp4, .divx


NOTE: Content added from the Mod Hub will be linked to the original.

Attempts to drag in a content type that is not supported will be met by a prompt that reads "This content type is not supported in slideshows".

Adding Captions

Captions can be added to any native image and video slides. For single uploads, a caption prompt will appear on upload. For bulk uploads an asset can be edited directly from the slideshow creation view. 

Reordering Content 

Once content has been added to a Slideshow it can easily be reordered by dragging and dropping the slides.


Create and Save within an RTE Post

We've added a dedicated button to Content Studio's RTE that enables you to insert a Slideshow directly into an RTE post:

NOTE: This feature is also available in Articles.  


To add an image to your Slideshow simply click the Upload button or drag and drop from just about anywhere, including the Search Hub!

NOTE:  Content from a 'Raw Feed' or Scribble Stream search (via the Search Hub) is not yet supported.


Once the Slideshow is assembled click "Save" to insert it into the RTE post / Article. Once inserted, the Slideshow Preview will appear within the post.



NOTE:  Presently, Slideshows created from within the RTE -as opposed to selecting Create > Slideshow to create a Standalone Slideshow- are not editable once published.  The same is true for Articles.  If RTE slideshow editing is required for your publishing workflow, please let us know by contacting us

Publishing Slideshows


Direct Publishing:

Once a Slideshow has been created it can be published by click the "Publish" button below the creation area.


Add to Mod Hub:

Slideshows can also be added to the Mod Hub for planning purposes by clicking the "Add to Mod Hub" icon . This is a great way to tee up a Slideshow for future publishing.

Once in the Mod Hub, Slideshows can be viewed, edited or published by any collaborator with access. 


Publish to RTE

Slideshows can be dragged from the Mod Hub directly into an RTE post.


Standalone Slideshows

Just like other Engage posts, a Slideshow can be embedded as a standalone content atom. This is a great way to feature slideshows on digital properties outside of a content experience.


Slideshow Editing
Editing Slideshows

Slideshows can be edited after publishing from the Live Stream back-end or from the Mod Hub. To edit simply click "Edit" under the "..." menu. This will launch the Slideshow Editing window.

In the Live-Stream (back-end) the editing view will appear inline.

In the Mod Hub, the editing console opens beside the Slideshow to make the most efficient use of space and allow you to drag in other content already in the Mod Hub.



Slideshows can NOT be edited in the RTE once sent to the Mod Hub - but can be deleted and a new one inserted.  Of course, you can always update the original Master (if it still exists in the Mod Hub).

Also, Slideshows created from within the RTE -i.e. not a Standalone Slideshow- are not editable once published.  The same is true for Articles.  If RTE slideshow editing is required for your publishing workflow, please let us know by contacting us


Front-end Support

Slideshows will display on:

  • Back-end Content Studio
  • V7 Stream Embed
  • Whitelabels
  • Original Pinboard
  • Storytelling
  • Timeline
  • Content Atom

Note: Slideshows do not currently appear on the Visual Pinboard.




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