Insert Slideshow into an RTE post

Engage Slideshow has received a facelift, here's how to add one to an RTE post.

To learn more about Slideshows, their features and how to add one to your stream, read our Slideshow article.


We've added a dedicated button to Content Studio's RTE that enables you to insert a Slideshow directly into an RTE post:



To add an image to your Slideshow simply click the Upload button or drag and drop from just about anywhere, including the Search Hub!

NOTE:  Content from a 'Raw Feed' or Scribble Stream search (via the Search Hub) is not yet supported.



Once the Slideshow is assembled click "Save" to insert it into the RTE post / Article. Once inserted, the Slideshow Preview will appear within the post.



NOTE:  Presently, Slideshows created from within the RTE -as opposed to selecting Create > Slideshow to create a Standalone Slideshow- are not editable once published.  The same is true for Articles.  If RTE slideshow editing is required for your publishing workflow, please let us know by contacting us.


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