Introducing Replies

Engaging your audience in conversation is a powerful way to connect with them, empower them, and keep them coming back for more! 

The new Content Studio Replies feature makes it easy to respond to a reader comment, image, post or media item. It's a great feature for real-time Q&A sessions, since it allows writers to answer submitted questions, publish both the question and answer together into the event, and display them in a visually threaded way. 

Public Replies allow viewers to comment directly on a published post. This feature encourages audience engagement through conversation and can be used to power online discussion.



Here are just a few of the benefits of using Replies: 

  • Improved UX - We've updated the front-end threading design to make replies easy to read and navigate. We've also improved the back-end design, making it intuitive and user-friendly to reply to posts.
  • Separated back-end and front-end replies - We've given you the flexibility to turn audience replies off, while still allowing you to reply from the back-end.
  • Styling options - Along with being able to edit a reply, you can also apply styling - such as bold text, hyperlinks, and images.
  • No character restrictions - Write long and thorough responses without the fear of them being cut off. 
  • Easy Q&A collaboration - Multiple contributors can reply to the same item at one time, making it easy to create panelist discussions.
  • Flexible API - We've built a flexible API to support custom implementations. Learn more here.



Visit our full documentation or the Replies FAQs for more information about this exciting new feature!

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