Direct Messaging - NEW!

The Content Studio's new Direct Messaging feature makes it easy for you to communicate privately with front-end users participating in an online chat. It's a great feature for fielding questions or feedback from users who wish to discuss sensitive or otherwise private information. 


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Our goal with Direct Messaging is to empower you to directly converse with specific audience members, deepen relationships with consumers, and facilitate engagement around a specific topic or event. 


What makes Direct Messaging so great?

You can...

  • Facilitate direct conversations with readers / prospects in real-time
  • Address the audience’s technical or sensitive questions privately
  • Extend relationships beyond an event (potential to continue conversations by email or phone if the contact info was provided) to nurture a lead
  • Provide exclusive content, reward audience members for positive engagement (e.g. a publisher could pick 'best comment' and reward that user with a promo via DM, or allow an audience member to have a DM conversation with a celeb or guest author)
  • Issue a private warning to a specific audience member if their comments are offensive / against the publishers policy prior to resorting to banning.
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