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With the ScribbleLive mobile app, you can publish content quickly from any location. There are differences for iphone and Android users, so read on to learn the best ways to publish on the go from your mobile device. 



Coming soon!

We’re working on a new mobile version of our Content Studio which will replace our apps and make it even easier to publish on the go! While we're working on the new mobile version, here are some tips if you want to post on-the-go.

Read our mobile app FAQs for more information about this exciting new update.


 What can your phone do on the mobile app? Currently, that depends on the type of mobile device you have. 



& Android (OS < 7.1.1)


(OS 7.1.1 or higher)

Create a text post
Upload an image Use email
Upload a video Use email
Edit a post


Using your iphone, you can send images, videos, and text posts directly into a stream. Text and picture posts can also be sent directly to Twitter from the ScribbleLive app.

At the moment, there are limitations when using the ScribbleLive App with an Android mobile device.

From your Android device, you can send text posts to a stream - and directly to Twitter. To submit images and videos, we recommend using the stream’s email address which will publish your content automatically*. 

*If your permission in the Engage platform is set to Moderated Writer, your content will go into the Moderation Hub.


Getting Started


Get started in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1 - Download the ScribbleLive app from the App or Play Store.
  • Step 2 - Log into your account. 
  • Step 3 - Open an existing stream or create a new stream.

Once you're in a stream, you'll be able to view, edit, or create content using the app. 





Email Submission

To email images and videos to the stream from your mobile device, find the stream’s email address and attach an image*, video, or sound file. 250 MB is the maximum file size for media upload.

*Images should be in taken in landscape.


Both subject line and the description will become the caption. We recommend removing your email signature, as this will also be used as part of the description.



Using the ScribbleLive App


We're working on a new browser based mobile back-end which can be used instead of the app. We'll keep you posted!


Navigate through the slideshow to see what you can do using the ScribbleLive mobile app. (Refresh the page if the slideshow is not visible)


What will happen to the ScribbleLive apps after you’ve released the upcoming browser-based mobile backend?

While we have discontinued support for the existing apps, we will not be retiring them until we reach a point where customer adoption of the mobile back-end indicates that retiring the app will no longer impact our existing customers. As a result, the mobile apps will still be functional for the foreseeable future as we continue the mobile back-end development.

Will there be updates to the ScribbleLive app?

No -- we've officially discontinued support for the apps. As a result, we won't be deploying any new features or bug fixes beyond maintenance required to keep the apps working as they are today.

How will the photo upload work in the browser version?

As of the initial release, the mobile back-end will only support photo upload from the RTE. However, we do intend to allow users to upload other types of media, including video and audio. Support for these file types will come after the initial release, hopefully within a relatively short period of time.


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