HTTPS White Labels are here!

We have implemented a feature so our clients can enable HTTPs on the white label to secure the content and meet SEO criteria enforced by various search engines.



What are the benefit of having this feature?

  • HTTPS is a "must-have" for companies, especially those that are subject to security audits.
  • With HTTPS, we can ensure that information is passed on via secure connections, preventing data loss or hijacking when sending data from the front-end to the back-end or vice-versa. 
  • HTTPS & SSL impact Google page ranking algorithms. Since 2014, Google has started to use HTTPS as a search ranking signal, meaning that websites available over HTTPS get an advantage in search results over those that don't encrypt their data connections.
    Browsers also indicate when a page is not secure. This will directly impact trust, as most modern browsers, including Chrome and Firefox, display a warning in the URL bar that indicates a page is not secure. HTTPS pages do not trigger this warning, which will ensure that audiences do not inherently mistrust the live blog.
  • SSL Certificates provide an added layer of assurance that the site in question meets all SSL security requirements. This is particularly important to those customers that have a public audience, as engagement depends on their ability to convince customers that their site is safe to use. Studies indicate that 84% of website visitors would be more likely to abandon a site if it did not come with HTTPS. SSL security seals also increase the likelihood of conversion because those pages that do not come with a security seal have seen as much as 61% of their customers abandon the site. 
  • In certain browsers, HTTP web pages are also prevented from using elements like geolocation, device motion and orientation, and more. HTTPS pages will be allowed to access these features, if the client uses custom implementations that leverage these capabilities.


Want to learn how to enable SSL on your White Label? Click Here



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