Progressive Profile Completion Scale

Every audience member has a unique profile that is built progressively; as you learn more about an individual through their interactions with your content, Scribble adds that information to a profile. You don't need to wait until an audience member has given you his or her name or email to start learning about them—we track every interaction with your content and help turn your audience into prospects for whom you have rich data.

All of this data is stored in a Progressive Profile, complete with a Profile Completion Scale.

The Profile Completion Scale is calculated as a percentage of Profiling Questions an audience member could have filled out. It does not include basic information such as first contact, first campaign, last contact or last campaign.

For example:

Client A has run four campaigns and has used five Profiling Questions that fall into the categories: NAME, EMAIL, COMPANY, JOB TITLE, PHONE NUMBER.

Phil's profile, as seen above, is 80% complete. This means he has answered four of the five questions—80% of them. Because we know Phil is a prospect, we know that one of the questions he has answered includes EMAIL. 

Further down the profile page, we can see the actual answers Phil gave, as well as any other interactions he's had with the content. 





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