Site Appearance: How to customize the white label

The Appearance page allows for the customization of many of the design elements of the platform. To customize any of these sections, simply select go to the desired tab and input the text/HTML code in the text box, and click the "Save" button. (Note: It's very important that all HTML code be validated before it is uploaded to the site. For example, if a div or comment bracket is left open, the site may not load correctly.)

Note: Upon platform creation Community Content by ScribbleLive provided the initial integration. If you wish to alter the "wrapper" of your platform you can do so by editing the custom header, custom footer, and site style.


Appearance > Site Appearance

How To:

Customer Footer tab, input the text/HTML code in the text box.

  1. Custom Footer HTML: The footer section of the platform appears at the bottom of the page, directly before the closing </Body> tag. Some analytic code must be placed in this section.
  2. Custom HTML at End of Body:

Customer Header tab, input the text/HTML code in the text box.

  1. Custom Header HTML: The header section of the platform is everything that appears on the page above the login box. By viewing the source code of your host site you can copy the existing HTML from your header and paste it into this section. Remember that you will also need to add the appropriate site styles to make the platform look like your host site.  Note: when inputting the HTML code, DO NOT include any forms (search or otherwise), as this may affect functionality.
  2. Custom Head Content: The CC platform is optimized for search engines, but you have the option to input site- or location-specific meta tags in this section.
  3. Custom Header Outside Form: This section is for advance use only. If you need to insert search a <form> as part of your page wrapper, those forms should be inserted into this section.
  4. Javascript Includes: This section is reserved for banner-include code, site analytic code, style-sheet references, and other java features. When your CC platform is customized to look like the rest of your website, we create a "wrapper" by altering the style sheet, the custom header, and custom footer sections.

Mobile tab, input the text/HTML code in the text box.

  1. HTML Before Image
  2. HTML After Image
  3. Head Content

Welcome Message tab, input the text/HTML code in the text box.

The Welcome message will appear on the front page of your CJ platform below the navigation bar and is meant to introduce your audience to your Community Content page.



These positions allow you to edit HTML blocks under the map on the right rail. These positions are perfect for your Facebook widget, Twitter feed, or ad position. When inserting your Facebook widget, utilize the iframe code option. Once you have entered the code, click the "save" button. When creating these sections remember to adhere to a width of no wider than 300px. As a best practice, do not create more than 800px of length. Any content entered into the side rail HTML sections will appear below the map in the right rail.

  1. Sidebar Position 1
  2. Sidebar Positions 2

Terms of Service

Users who register for an account or upload via web or mobile must first agree to the terms of service. Input the terms of service into this section, in either HTML or text.

  1. Mobile Terms of Service
  2. Site Terms of Service
  3. Upload Terms of Service

Upload HTML

The upload page of the CC platform allows users to upload up to five images and videos at a time. If you wish to include a custom message on the upload page, input that message into this section.




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