Managers: How to create a manager

Give access to other members of your organization to the Community Content Management Portal by creating a manager/admin account. Once the members management account has been created they will receive an email outlining instructions on how to setup a password and login.

Users > Managers

How to
Click on the Actions button > Select New Manager


  1. Enter the Email Address
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name

Next, Click on the Partitions tab to assign the site you want to give access to (for most customers only one site will display). This section is intended for corporate accounts.
This allows managers to assign specific feature access for individual users. Permissions are assigned separately for each of the platform features. For a complete overview of site permissions, click here.
  1. Turn OFF or ON next to the feature(s) you wish to give access to.
  2. After filling out the Info, Partitions, and Permissions tabs - Click Save Changes.


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