Upload API

The Community Content upload API allows for the client to submit images and videos into their CC installation. Once approved, that content will be viewable on the hosted pages and through the corresponding widgets and feeds. To get started, contact to receive your vendor and partition ids for testing purposes.

Items required to upload:

  • Vendor Id - supplied by CC
  • Partition Id - supplied by CC
  • Email
  • DataFile
  • Title (may be null, but must be included in the post)
  • Description (may be null, but must be included in the post)

Optional parameters currently supported:

  • Tags
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • ChannelId - value corresponds to channel id on CC installation

All fields in this post are strings, with the following exceptions:

  • Longitude and Latitude are doubles (decimal degree form)
    • The API will parse are Longitude/Latitude from image EXIF if none is provided via the API.
  • Tags is a comma-delimited string
  • ChannelId is an integer
  • PartitionID and VendorID are Guids (posted as strings)

URL for uploading:

This is an example page that will post files to your assigned testing site when the correct vendor ID and partition ID have been entered.


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