Syndicate Your Stream

Through our Syndication functionality, you can share your stream's content - increasing your exposure each time your stream is shared; and you can pull in external feeds - making your own stream more robust.

There are 2 ways to syndicate your content:

  1. Make your content available on the ScribbleMarket
  2. Use the Syndication ID


Dashboard  >  Any Live Stream  > Menu > Promote > Syndication
Permission Level
Administrator  |  Developer

Make your content available on the Scribble Market

Making your content visible on the Scribble Market allows other ScribbleLive users to automatically pull your content into their streams. Visitors will see a description of your stream, then opt to syndicate your content at the cost you have specified. This extends your content reach, and by adding pricing to your stream, this also allows you to monetize your content.



Use the Syndication ID

Content from one stream can automatically flow into another stream by using the Syndication ID. Each stream has a unique syndication ID that can be found on your stream’s Syndication > Settings page. You can copy your stream’s Syndication ID and give it to another ScribbleLive client to allow them to pull your content into their stream in real-time. Alternatively, you can copy your stream’s Syndication ID and paste it into another stream in your own account. 



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