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Keep viewers on your page longer by adding media, such as images, gifs, audio and video, to your Article.

Dashboard > Create > New Article
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Add media in the New Article Interface

In the New Article Interface, there are four ways to bring media content into your Article:

  1. Upload Images and Gifs
  2. Enter media embed code
  3. Import from Social Channels
  4. Import from other Streams
  5. Insert a Slideshow


1. Upload Images and Gifs into your New Article

To upload images and gifs directly into your Article:

  1. Click the Upload Image icon on the Rich Text Editor toolbar.
  2. Choose the file from your computer and click Upload.

The image will appear in the Rich Text Editor.



2. Enter Media Embed Code into your New Article

Paste the embed code directly into the Rich Text Editor. Some users will be prompted to paste the embed code into a special field depending on their browser's security settings.

Note: To preview the rendered code before publishing, click Save and refresh the page.




3. Import from Social Channels

Pull in media from social channels using the Social Hub.

  1. Select a social channel in the Search Content panel and search for content
  2. Click the checkmark to approve the content to the article. Alternatively, you can click the area surrounding the content and drag and drop into the article.



4. Import from Other Streams

The Search Hub allows you to pull in content that you have already curated in other streams.

  1. Click the ScribbleLive icon and search for a stream. Content from the stream will fill the panel.
  2. Approve content by clicking the checkmark or dragging and dropping into the article.


5. Insert a Slideshow

1. At the top of the RTE you'll notice a Slideshow icon, next to the Picture upload icon:


2. To add an image to your Slideshow simply click the Upload button or drag and drop from just about anywhere, including the Search Hub!

NOTE:  Content from a 'Raw Feed' or Scribble Stream search (via the Search Hub) is not yet supported.

 3. Once your images are uploaded and in your preferred order, simply click 'Save' and your Slideshow is embedded into your post.


NOTE:  Presently, Slideshows created from within the RTE -as opposed to selecting Create > Slideshow to create a Standalone Slideshow- are not editable once published.  The same is true for Articles.  If RTE slideshow editing is required for your publishing workflow, please let us know by contacting us.

 Add media in the Original Article Interface

Importing Media from a Live Stream or Collections

  1. From your Dashboard, click Create > New Article on the left sidebar. Alternatively, you can click on the Create Article icon located on the Dashboard page.
  2. In the Article content editor page, click on the ScribbleLive tab in the right-rail.
  3. Select a Live Stream from the drop-down option and select a live stream you want to pull content from to add to your article. Note: Your article will update as the stream updates.
  4. Alternatively, select Collections from the drop-down option and locate a collection to pull content from to add to your article. 
  5. Click on a piece of content in the right-rail and drag and drop different types of media into the article content editor. 


Upload Images directly into the Article Content Editor

  1. To upload images directly into your Article from your device, click the upload icon in the top toolbar and select an image from your computer. Click Open to upload your image to your Article.

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