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Not all content is created equal. You may want to draw your audience’s attention to particular posts - like a poll or welcome message. Sticking or "pinning" posts to the top of your stream is a great way to direct your audience’s attention to specific information as these posts will not become lost in the flow of your liveblog.

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How to Pin a Post in the Content Studio
1. Click the Options Tab located in the bottom right corner of the post.
2. Select Pin from the menu. 
3. Pinned posts will appear under a yellow bar below the Rich Text Editor.
Note: You can collapse and reopen the pinned post area by clicking on the arrow icon.

4. To Unpin a post, simply click Unpin from the Options menu.



How To Stick a Post to the Top of Your Stream in the Original Writer's Interface

1. Go to your stream’s Write page.
2. Hover over a post you would like to stick to the top of your stream. Click on the gear-icon that appears in the top-right corner of the post, to open the drop-down menu.
3. Select Stick in the Post Options to stick a post to the top of your stream.

Note: Posts that have been stuck or “pinned” to the top of your stream will appear with a pushpin icon in the top-left corner of the post.


How to Unstick a Post from the Top of Your Stream

A pinned post will appear above the Content Editor with a pin icon in the top left corner. To unpin the post:

1. Simply hover over the stuck or “pinned” post to activate the drop-down gear menu.

2. Click on the gear-icon menu, and select Unstick from the Post Options section.

Note: By unsticking a post, it will reappear in your stream’s flow as a recent post.





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