Inviting and Managing Users in Your ScribbleLive Account

Once a user has been added to a ScribbleLive Engage account, the user will have access to streams - dictated by the permission level(role) set. The number of users that can be added to an account will depend on your contractual agreement.

Note: Administrators are the only users with the permission to add users and modify user permission levels.



Dashboard > Admin > Manage Users
Permission Level

Add New Users

Administrators will add users to the ScribbleLive Engage account on the Manage Users page. At the top of this page, administrators will find a summary of remaining licenses.



Administrators are the only users with the permission to add users and modify user permission levels.

Non-administrators can add a user by sending a Guest Writer invite. For more information on inviting Guest Writers to your stream, click here.


1. To get to the Manage Users page, click Settings > Manage Users on the left navigation bar. Alternatively, from within a stream, click Menu > Users > Invite at the top of the page.

2. Enter the email address of the user you would like to add to your account in the Add User(s) field. If adding multiple users, separate your users’ email addresses by commas.

3. Click the Add User(s) button. Your new user(s) will be sent an email prompting them to verify their email address and set up a ScribbleLive profile.

Note: The "User has not activated the account" message will be displayed until the new user clicks the link in the email that was sent to them.


Change a User’s Username

When adding a new user, by default, everything before the @ of the email address will be a user’s username. You can change a user’s username by clicking the Edit link next to the username.

Note: The first time a user logs into ScribbleLive, he or she will have the opportunity to change their username. 


Set User Roles

Once a user has been added successfully to your account, a popup window will appear on your screen, prompting you to set the user’s role. Use the Role drop-down menu to set your users’ role.

Note: A user’s role can be changed at any time by using the Role drop-down menu to select a different role from the Manage Users page.


Add User Categories

You can also assign a user to a Category (e.g., “Marketing,” “Social Media,” “Communications,” etc.) to help organize your users when inviting collaborators to your streams.

Click the Add Category button, to add a user category to your account. 


Add, Change or Remove a User Avatar

If you would like to add an avatar to your new user, click the Add link below the placeholder avatar. You can change or remove a user’s avatar at any given time by clicking on the Change or Erase links below the User’s Avatar.

Note: Once a new user has logged in, they also have the ability to change or erase their avatar. The optimal image size that can be uploaded is 50x50px.


Lock or Unlock a User’s Avatar

Locking a user’s avatar prevents them from changing their own avatar. This can be useful if you would like to enforce a company standard of avatars. To do this, locate the user in the All Users list, and click on the Lock Avatar button. You can always unlock a user’s avatar by clicking on the Unlock Avatar button. 


Delete a User

To delete a user, select the username in the All Users list, and click on the Delete User button. 


Resend an Invite to a User

If a new user has not received an invite email or it was accidentally deleted as spam, an Administrator can resend the invite email by clicking on the Resend Invite button on the Manage Users page.


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