Enhanced Analytics Package: Exporting your Streams' Data

As part of the Enhanced Analytics Package, you can view and export all of your streams' data from the 'All Content' page. This helps you to gain insight into your stream's audience interactions.

Dashboard > Measure > Content
Permission level 

 To view and export your stream's data:

  1. Go to your Dashboard. Click on Measure > Content in the navigation bar in the left margin of your screen to go to your accounts' Content page.
  2. The total PostsComments, Total Moderated Comments, Unique Page Views, Page Views, Avg. Minutes on Page and Engagement Minutes for all streams in your account is displayed.
  3. You can view statistics for a single stream, a group of streams, or for all streams in your account.



Statistics can also be exported by searching for a stream, or group of streams, and clicking the Export button. A report will be emailed to you.


Please contact your ScribbleLive account representative or email us at for more information about our Analytics Packages.


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