Identify How a Commenter has Logged-In

Before a front-end viewer is able to make a comment on your content, they are required to log in to the system, using a social login or Quick login. This allows ScribbleLive to keep track of how a front-end user was logged-in.

Further, whenever content is brought in via Automation, or pulled-in from a social search, ScribbleLive can identify where your content is coming from by identifying how a user was logged-in.  

**Note: This feature is currently only available in the Original Writer's Interface**

Dashboard > Any Live Stream > Menu > Write
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Identify How a Front-End Commenter has Logged in:

  1. Go to your stream's Write page and hover over a user's nameplate in Comments in Moderation OR in your stream's feed. The User Settings menu will appear in the top-right corner of the comment or post.

  2. Click on User Details in the User Options section of the drop-down menu. A window with the user's details will appear indicating how a user has logged-in. 
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