Add a Live Scoreboard to your Stream

Enhance your content by adding a scoreboard to display up-to-the-minute sport scores and data with our Live Scores feature. Live Scores scoreboards automatically display the latest scores and data from your league, team or tournament of choice, making it easier than ever to offer your readers the most current sports data available.

Live Scores scoreboards auto-populate with updates throughout the game in a collapsible module that sits above your live feed, without getting in the way of your stream’s generated content. Scoreboards can also be placed on any page as standalone embeds.

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Dashboard > Any Live Stream > Setup > Scoreboard
Dashboard > Any Live Stream > Create > Scoreboard

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Publish a Live Scoreboard to your Stream

1. Go to your stream's Write page.

  • IN CONTENT STUDIO - Select Scoreboard from the Create tab.
  • IN ORIGINAL WRITER'S INTERFACE - From the stream menu at the top of the page, click Menu > SetupScoreboard.

2. On the Scoreboard settings page click on the Select Scoreboard drop-down menu, and click on Live.

3. Use the drop-down menu to select a league to start creating your live scoreboard

4. Use the Date drop-down menu to select a specific date for your scoreboard.

Note: The default date setting will appear as Most Recent Days Games. This will create an ongoing scoreboard that will continue to update based on the most recent games in your specified league.

5. Use the Default Team drop-down menu to select a team to display on default, or No Preference to display the most recent game in your specified league.

6. A Preview of your scoreboard will appear in the right-rail of your Live Scores Settings page. Use the arrow in the bottom-right corner of the scoreboard to minimize and maximize your scoreboard.

7. Click Publish to place your scoreboard above your stream's live feed. The Scoreboards option in the upper stream menu (Menu > Setup > Scoreboard) will appear with a green checkmark to indicate that your scoreboard has been published to the stream.



Locate the Embed Code for Your Scoreboard

  1. Go to your stream's Write page and click on Scoreboards in the left sidebar.
  2. Click on the Embed Code button to generate your scoreboard’s embed div code.
  3. Copy this code to your clipboard and place it on your page.



Modify Your Live Scoreboard

  1. Go to your stream's Write page and click on Scoreboards in the left sidebar.
  2. Adjust your scoreboard settings using the drop-down menus to select your league, date and default team.
  3. Click Save to save your preferences.

Note: If you have embedded your scoreboard elsewhere, you will have to re-copy your embed code to your clipboard and place it on your page for your changes to take effect.



Remove a Scoreboard From Your Stream

  1. Go to your stream’s Write page and click on Scoreboards in the left sidebar.
  2. Click Delete to remove the scoreboard from your stream.

Note: Your scoreboard will be permanently removed from your stream.
The green checkmark will no longer appear on the Scoreboards icon, indicating that the scoreboard is no longer published to your stream.



List of Supported Leagues
We currently support Scoreboards for the following leagues:

  • MLB
  • MLS
  • NFL
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • NCAA Men's Basketball
  • NCAA Football
  • PGA
  • UEFA Champions League
  • Bundeliga
  • English Premier League
  • La Liga
  • Ligue 1
  • Serie A
  • Super League
  • World Cup





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