Automatically Insert Ads Into Your Stream

Dashboard > Any Live Stream > Setup > Stream
Dashboard > Gear icon > Global Settings
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1. From the bottom left of the page, navigate to Settings > Global Settings.

2. Once on the Global Settings page, click In Stream Ad Settings to expand the collapsible menu.

3. In the General Settings module, you can specify how many posts should appear between ads in the Default Frequency field. To automatically insert ads into all streams created in your account, enable the Default On/Off option.

4. In the Individual Ad module, place the copied JS or HTML of your ad code into the Individual Ad Code (JS/HTML) box.

5. Adjust the Ad Width in pixels and click Preview to view how the ad will appear in your stream.

6. Click Save to publish the changes to your account, or click on +New Ad to insert another ad.

1. Go to your stream's Basic Setup page.

2. Scroll down to the In Stream Ads module and move the slider to On.

3. Turn On the option Use Default Ads And Frequency to apply the default ad settings from your Global Settings. (Turn Off the option Use Default Ads And Frequency to customize ad settings for this particular stream).Note: Go to Global Settings to update your default ad settings

1. Turning off Use Default Ads And Frequency will generate Frequency and Ad Code fields.

2. In the Frequency field, enter the number of posts that should appear between ads.

3. Enter your Ad Code (JS/HTML, etc.).

Note: Adjusting the In Stream Ad settings on your stream’s Basic Setup page will override your Global Default Settings.




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