Enable Audience-Generated Assets to Appear in Your Collections

You can allow your stream's audience to upload digital assets - and with the introduction of Collections, you can now configure your stream to automatically send audience-generated digital content to a specific Collection. You can configure this kind of experience using your stream's Settings screen.

Dashboard > Any Live Stream > Menu > Setup > Stream
Permission Level:
Administrator  |  Developer  |  Editor


To Enable Audience-Generated Assets to Appear in Your Collections

  1.  Go to your stream. Click on MenuSetup > Stream at the top of your stream to go to your stream’s Basic Setup
  2. In the Commenting module, move the Send Images To Collection slider to On.
  3. Select a collection to send audience-generated content to from the Collection drop-down menu.


If Moderation is enabled, all audience-generated content will appear in your stream’s moderation queue, as well your selected Collection. If an audience-generated asset is deleted from the moderation queue, the asset will still be available in your selected Collection.



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