Syndication is a feature in ScribbleLive that allows you take the content creation process a step further. Syndicating your stream allows you to pull-in content from other brands directly into your stream and amplify the audience that views your content. By syndicating your content, you can extend your content reach by pulling content from another live stream directly into your stream, or by making your content available to other brands on the Scribble Market.

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Dashboard > Create > New Stream
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The Scribble Market offers customers the ability to share and access digital content globally with other ScribbleLive customers. Listing your stream in the Scribble Market is an excellent way of improving your content performance. This step can be done during the stream creation process, or after a stream has been made.
Click here to learn more about listing your stream in the Scribble Market.

There are two ways to syndicate your content:

  • During the ‘Create a New Stream’ Process
  • From the Syndication > Settings Page

During the ‘Create a New Stream’ Process

  1. Create a New Stream. After adjusting your Basic Setup preferences, selecting a template and inviting writers to contribute to your stream, click on Next Step – Syndication > at the bottom of the Invite Users Alternatively, you can also click on Syndication from the navigation icons at the top of your page.

From the Syndication Settings page

  1. Go to your stream’s Write
  2. Click on Menu > Promote > Syndication in the content editor menu to go to your stream’s Syndication options.


You can use the Syndication feature to both syndicate your content out to another customer's stream or event, or you can syndicate another customer's ScribbleLive content into your stream or event.

Syndicating Out

To share your content out to another stream or event:

  1. Copy the Syndication ID for your content and share that with the ScribbleLive content publisher who wants to pull your content into their stream or event
  2. If you want the syndicated content to include your original stream's comments slide the Import Comments toggle to Yes.


Syndicating In

To pull syndicated content in to your own stream or event:

  1. Paste the Syndication ID for the syndicated content into the Pull-In Another Stream field
  2. If you want to start pulling in content from the syndicated stream from this point on (net-new content), leave the Include Previous Posts toggle on 'No. If you want to pull in content existing prior to now, slide the toggle to 'Yes'.
  3. Click the Syndicate button to begin pulling the other stream content in to the existing stream.  


After syndicating your content, click on Start Writing to start creating and curating content.



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