What Does it Mean When an Invited User has not Activated Their Account?

When you invite a user to your ScribbleLive account, you allow them back-end access to your ScribbleLive streams. What features invited users can access in your ScribbleLive account, depends on the permission level you have set for them. 

Note: Only Administrators can add new users to the ScribbleLive back-end.
Click here for more information on user permission levels.

Regardless of a user’s permission level, all users have access to:

  • Change Their Username: This name will appear on all posts the user makes in any stream from the ScribbleLive back-end or front-end.
  • Change Their Email Address: A user can change the email address they would like to use to login to your ScribbleLive client account.
  • Create a Password: A user can change the password they use to login to the back-end of ScribbleLive at any time. Note: Passwords must be between 8-20 characters in length, contain at least one number or special character (except the symbol) and cannot contain any spaces.
  • Add an Avatar:  A user’s selected avatar will appear on all posts the user makes in any stream from the ScribbleLive back-end or front-end. Note: Avatars can only be 50px x 50px in size. Larger images will be automatically cropped.

Note: A user can make changes to their basic information at any time by modifying their personal information on the My Profile page. Click here to learn more about modifying your ScribbleLive profile.


When you have invited a user to your ScribbleLive account, an email will be sent to notify them that an account has been created for them in ScribbleLive.


If a user has not clicked on the link to create an account in ScribbleLive, the following warning will appear on your ScribbleLive account's Manage Users page:


When the invited user has clicked on the link provided in the Account Created email, they will be prompted to register their account before accessing ScribbleLive. An invited user will be asked to provide their Name, Create and Verify a Password, and lastly, upload an Avatar (optional). Once their user account has been registered, they will be able to login, view and access your content.

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