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Prepare your ad for multiple devices by setting different ad widths in Global Settings. The platform will select the appropriate ad to display, based on the widths you have set.

Note: Ensure that the maximum width you set fits within the size parameters of your stream. Refer to Template settings to see your stream's size parameters. 

1. From the top of your page, navigate to Menu > Setup > Templates.

2. Click the publishing experience you would like to view or modify (e.g. Whitelabel, Embed, Pinboard, Timeline).

3. Select the desired Template from the list and click Edit.

4. The Size panel will be set to Auto or have specific dimensions indicated. To modify your stream's dimensions, turn Auto to Off and enter a new width and height in the pixel fields.

Note: If set to Auto, the embed will automatically size the dimensions to fit within the embedded area; and the embed will grow with the size of the content within.

5. For Pinboards, you can view the Post Width in the Style panel. Simply type the desired post width in the pixel field to adjust the width of the posts in the template.

6. Click Save to register your changes.

If you have a single ad, the image will not scale across all devices. For example, if an ad is 800px in width, it will be cut off when viewed by a mobile device. Therefore, we recommend having different ad sizes to accommodate a variety of devices and publishing experiences.

To set ads to display on devices of multiple widths:

1. Go to Global Settings - found under the Settings menu at the bottom left of the page.

2. Within Global Settings, click In Stream Ads Settings to expand ad options.

3. In General Settings, select the Frequency (number of posts between ads) and Default On/Off preference.

4. Insert your Ad Code in the specified field.

5. Enter an Ad Width in the specified field. Ensure that the Ad Width corresponds with the ad size indicated in the Ad Code.

6. Insert a second Ad Code by clicking +New Ad. Note: This new code should have a different width.

7. Enter an Ad Width that corresponds to the second Ad Code size.

8. Click Save to register your changes or +New Ad to insert another Ad Code.

Reminder: The platform will serve the appropriate ad based on the widths you have set:

In the example above, the same stream has been published using templates of different widths. Different ads are displayed in the stream because the platform automatically selected the ad that best corresponds to the width of the template.





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