Send Automated Content to the Moderation Hub

We have recently added a new feature to Twitter and Instagram automation - the ability to send automated content directly into the Moderation Hub in Content Studio. All automated content will appear in real-time, but will not be published to your live stream until you approve it - giving you another level of moderation for your automated content. 

**Note: This feature is only available in the CONTENT STUDIO**


How does it work?

When selecting a handle or keyword to automate on the Twitter/Instagram automation pages, the checkbox Send to Moderation Hub will appear. 

  • When checked, automated content will flow into the Moderation Hub.
  • When unchecked, posts will publish automatically.

Note: This option can be applied individually to each follow. 




Can I apply this feature to hashtags?
Yes. This option is available for both account automation and keyword/hashtag automation. Enter the hashtag/keyword in the Auto Post section, and select Send to Moderation Hub to moderate automated hashtags.


Can I automatically publish content from certain handles and moderate others?
Yes. Turn Send to Moderation Hub ON or OFF for each Twitter / Instagram auto-follow.


Can I begin moderating an account that I previously published automatically?
Yes. You can turn the option on or off for each automated keyword or account.


How do I filter through the automated content in the Moderation Hub?
From the Moderation Hub, individual users can organize and search for content in the following ways:

  • Filter posts by Channel (e.g. Select Instagram under Channel to see only Instagram posts)
  • Use the Search field to find posts with certain keywords
  • Use the pause button in the Moderation Hub to pause the flow of incoming automated posts

 Click here to learn more about moderating posts in the Moderation Hub.


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