Which languages does ScribbleLive Engage support?

ScribbleLive Engage makes your content accessible to audiences around the globe by allowing you to publish streams in multiple languages. When logging in or setting up a stream, simply select one of the following languages from the drop-down list:

Arabic (العَرَبِية) French (Français) Portuguese (Português)  Dutch (Nederlands)
Danish (Dansk) Croatian (Hrvatski) Russian (Pусский)  Swedish (Svenska)
German (Deutsch) Italian (Italiano) Serbian (Srpski)  Slovenian (Slovenščina)
English Japanese (日本語) Finnish (Suomi)  Hebrew (עברית)
Spanish (Español) Norwegian (norsk) Turkish (Türkçe)  



The language selected on the Login page will affect back-end controls:



The language selected on a stream's Basic Setup page will affect the front-end:

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