ScribbleLive Engage has a new look!

We have made a lot of recent improvements to our ScribbleLive Engage platform, and our updated User Interface will help you take full advantage of these improvements and work more efficiently. Read below to learn more about our new look.


New Logo

Our Engage logo has been updated and is now consistent with the ScribbleLive suite of products. Click here to learn more about our content-focused products.





Full Width Pages

You can now enjoy a 100% full width display on all Engage pages, giving you more space to plan and create compelling experiences.




Top Navigation Bar

We have simplified the top right navigation bar, making it easier to access the resources you need. The tabs which were previously under the gear icon have been moved to the Left Navigation Bar, either under Settings or Manage.


  • Documentation
  • Support


  • My Profile
  • Logout




Left Platform Navigation

The new left navigation bar has been updated to allow easy access to planning, creation, and management tools. These menu items were previously at the top of the screen, but have been rearranged - and in some cases renamed, to facilitate simple navigation.



Note: Collapse this menu to expand your workspace.


Platform Navigation at Left

Menu Title:  Menu Options:
Dashboard   not applicable
  • Collections
  • Projects
  • Settings
  • New Stream
  • New Article
  • All Content
  • Templates
  • Content Icons
  • Profiling Forms
  • Media Library
  • Overview
  • Content
  • Audience
  • Export
Marketplace   When clicked, the Scribble Market will open in a new window.
**Note: The Settings tab is only visible to Administrators**
  • Manage Users
  • Global Settings
  • Activity Log
  • API




Stream Menu 

From within a stream, simply hover over the Menu icon at the top of the page to access the Stream Menu. The Stream Menu, previously located on the left of the page, gives you access to configuration, promotion, and reporting tools for a particular stream.


Stream Menu at Top 
Menu Title:

Menu Options:

  • Content Studio
  • Standard
  • LiveArticle
  • Q & A
  • Stream
  • Templates
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Scoreboard
  • API
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • RSS
  • Media
  • Invite
  • Bans
  • Syndication
  • Facebook App
  • Share
  • Analytics
  • Export
  • Activity Log



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