Support Tickets

For any issues encountered with our platform please direct your inquiries to Support Team via Email:


Please include the following information in every ticket:

  1. Account name, e.g. “ScribbleLive Demo”
  2. Full description of the request
  3. Stream ID or Stream Name in the backend
  4. If available: URL-frontend-link of the stream


To expedite the process and resolve tickets more quickly, answers to the following questions would help:  

  1. Where is your problem happening: backend or front end?
  2. Browser and computer type or/and mobile phone type?
  3. Connectivity - wired in or WiFi?
  4. Screenshot
  5. Have you tried to reproduce the issue on different network or machine


Service Level Agreement based on priority:

Urgent: 20 minutes first response time ( 24 X 7)

Normal: 24 hours first response time ( Local Business Hours M - F)



Urgent – Ticket/s must be filed during a catastrophic event such as live event/blog is down, client can’t access to platform during a live event/blog is about to start or our service/s is/are down.  Just add ‘Urgent’ word anywhere in the email.

Normal –Ticket/s where client is waiting on the next steps - such as Implementation Tickets/API tickets.  Just add a word ‘High’ anywhere in the email.

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